BelTri Inc year 2023 Exhibitons

Notice for BelTri Inc year 2023 Exhibitons

MJbiz Las Vegas 28th,Nov-2th,Dec Booth:48002(Held)

  • indicasativa 14-16th,April 2023 Italy Booth Bo:74(Held)

  • Product earth 18th-20th, Aug 2023,UK Booth No:124

  • MjBizon Las Vegas 29th-1th,Dec USA Booth No:48002


Bel-tri provides industrial-leading full spectrum LED grow light for indoor plant growth. Utilizes A grade Osram,Epistar LEDs with high par value and light efficiency.Bel-tri Produces LED Grow Lights with Full Spectrum Original Samsung 301B+OSRAM Red Diode. High PPFD Helps You Grow Your Plants Faster & Stronger, Quality & Safety.

Bel-tri’s new generation of horticulture lights is powerful, sleek, and backed by science. With a perfectly balanced light spectrum and lensless waterproof coating grow lights from Bel-tri produce higher yields, reduce costs, and maximize profits.

Grow Your Plant Indoors With Our Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights. Get Live Quotes Now. Consists Of High-quality OSRAM LEDs That Makes Your Plants Grow Faster & Stronger.

Of all the factors that contribute to plant growth, lighting is the most important. Give your cannabis plants the best grow lights on the market for taller, denser plants.

All of Bel-tri’s horticulture lights are compatible with Smart Stuff smart lighting. Say goodbye to complicated and expensive building controls. Instead, safely and securely set schedules, day-night cycles, and PPFD intensity for your greenhouse or indoor farming facility with bluetooth-controlled grow lights from Bel-tri.

20+ YRS of Experiences. OEM & ODM.CE & ROHS & UL Certified, 500+ Global Partners, 50+ Patented Design, Suitable For The Full Plant Growth Cycle.CE & ROHS & UL Certified, Strong R&D Team & Technical Power. 45 high experienced electronic enginner from China top elctronic top professional university Over the years.Raw Material Testing Time 1W+ Hours, Production System Cost of 5 Million, Contact Us Now!

Since its establishment in 2009, Beltri Inc has been dedicated to the R & D of high-efficiency lighting fixture and controller in Plant supplementary lighting and Hydroponics lighting. Plant supplementary lighting products have been widely applied in Europe and America and have won global market and world reputation for China’s lighting industry.With the standard factory covering over 30,000 square meters, Beltri Inc has more than 500 professional staff of various fields,30 high experienced electronic enginners from Over the years, relying on solid enterprise strength, unexhausted innovation ability and excellent product quality, Beltri Inc has been the leader in the industry.

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