MARI series digital ballast 600W is an electronic ballast for 600 W high pressure sodium (HPS) or metal halide (MH) lamps with a rotary power selector and a signal input switch for centralised control.

It is a product with sophisticated features designed for plants in which no high light intensities are required and is used as a component together with lamps and reflectors with a special design for the type of plant.

Its electronic technology includes a stabiliser for a wide range of voltages that always ensures a constant lamp performance regardless of the voltage fluctuations in the electrical grid. The lamps and plants will always receive the same power, despite the existence of electrical alterations.

The manual rotary switch enables the selection of different powers and in the EXT position, assigns the power control and switching on to the external controller. It permits the use of lamps with a maximum power of 600 W as well as 250 W and 400 W lamps by selecting the appropriate power with the switch.

The high frequency of its components generates a continuous flow of power in the lamp without flickering, thus increasing its useful life and improving the light assimilation in the plants. More light will be obtained from lamps with a lower power consumption.

MARI series digital ballast 600W is fitted with voltage and lamp protection elements which protect and extend the useful life of the ballast and lamp.

It presents a connector for centralised control and is very useful in medium or large installations, as switching on/off and power control of all the luminaires is done by a controller.

Improve the results of your plants with first class equipment such as MARI series digital ballast 600W electronic ballast.

Relevant Features

  • Built-in voltage stabiliser.
  • Digital, electronic, adjustable high-frequency > 60 kHz ballast.
  • For 600 W HPS lamps and 315 W MH lamps.
  • Safety protection to extend the life of the lamp, warm start.
  • Connection for EXT controller. Control of ballast groups from a single point.
  • Warranty of up to 3 years.

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum AC Input Power:660 W
  • AC Input Voltage:208 V ~ 250 V
  • Power Factor:> 0.99 φ
  • Input Frequency:50-60 Hz
  • Output Frequency:> 60 Khz
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD):< 8%
  • Environment Temperature:-25 ºC ~ 35 ºC
  • Environment Humidity:0% ~ 90%
  • Weight:2.5 kg
  • IP23:IP Rating
  • CE, RoSH, C-Tick



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