The HortiGo 380V PRO DE1000W light fixture luminaire is designed for the most demanding professional environments. Its 5.0 manufacturing makes it robust and extremely durable in greenhouse environments where temperature and humidity oscillations may be very high in a short period of time. This luminaire contains the latest advances in high pressure lamp ignition in order to obtain maximum efficiency and durability of the equipment and the lamp.

Its closed reflector is specially designed for tall facilities, where the lowest height of the equipment is more than 2.25 metres from the plants. Its European Vega95 aluminium alloy composition guarantees a reflection greater than 95%, which considerably reduces energy losses in the light flow and hence in power consumption. A choice of several reflectors is available, selecting the most appropriate for the installation.

The vertical position of the ballast provides better cooling for the components, extending their useful life and increasing energy efficiency.

Its electronic technology always ensures the constant performance of the lamp, regardless of the voltage fluctuations in the electrical grid. The plants will always receive the same power even in the presence of electrical alterations. It has a powerful built-in voltage stabiliser.

The electrical and signal connections are made inside the luminaire with sealed cable glands, which, along with its manufacturing, ensures maximum IP protection in the equipment ballast.

The HortiGo 380V PRO DE1000W light fixture controls the lamp intensity at between 50% and 115% of its nominal power. Its 0-10 V connection allows the addition of a signal controller to perform this control in a grouped form for all the luminaires connected to the installation.

The high frequency of its components generates a continuous flow of energy in the lamp, increasing the useful life of the lamp and improving the assimilation of light in the plants. More light is obtained from the lamps while reducing power consumption.

The HortiGo 380V PRO DE1000W light fixture is fitted with voltage protections and lamp protections. If the lamp is warm when the system is switched on, the system will wait a few minutes before switching it on automatically. This will protect and extend the life of the lamp, preventing wear due to repeatedly being switched on when warm.

The HortiGo 380V PRO DE1000W light fixture luminaire guarantees an optimum crop yield.

Relevant Features

  • Professional lighting system for technical crops.
  • Maximises the crop yield.
  • Lower energy consumption, high efficiency, high frequency >100 kHz.
  • Designed for 1000 W double-ended lamps for high pressure sodium (HPS) and metal halide (MH), not included.
  • EXT (0-10 V) signal input for adjustable intensity from centralised control.
  • Wide voltage range for perfect operation in any installation.
  • Protected for high humidity environments.
  • VEGA95 reflector with more than 99% aluminium and reflection > 95%.
  • Warranty period of up to 4 years.


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