The HortiGo 1000 W Double-Ended (DE) luminaire uses a large, open, adjustable reflector and is indicated for low plants in which high light reflection at a short distance from the plant is required.

Its adjustable 5-position reflector makes it possible to optimise a greater intensity in the growing area, improving the light intensity even more in areas where needed. The aluminium used in its construction is European quality Alanod, which ensures lower losses in the light reflection generated by the lamp.

Its electronic technology always guarantees the constant performance of the lamp despite the voltage fluctuations in the electrical grid. The plants will always receive the same power, even in the presence of electrical alterations. It has a powerful built-in voltage stabiliser.

The manual power selector switch allows the selection of different powers, while in the EXT position, power control and switching on is assigned to the external controller.

The high frequency of its components generates a constant flow of energy inside the lamp, increasing its useful life and improving the assimilation of light in the plants, generating more light from the lamps with less energy consumption.

HortiGo 1000 W Double-Ended (DE) luminaires are fitted with voltage and lamp protections. If the lamp is warm before switching on, the system will wait a few minutes before switching it on automatically. This will protect and extend the life of the lamp, preventing wear due to repeatedly being switched on when warm.

It has a connector for centralised control which is very useful in medium or large installations. From a controller it is possible to control the switching on and off for all the luminaires.

Its LED status lamp, in 3 colours, provides information about the status of the light, errors in switching on, or the end of the life of the lamp.

The HortiGo 1000 W Double-Ended (DE) luminaire always guarantees the maximum efficiency of each technology, optimising power consumption and reducing production costs in your harvest.

Relevant Features

  • Professional lighting system for technical crops.
  • Ceramic lamp-holders.
  • EXT (0-10 V) signal input for adjustable intensity from centralised control.
  • Compact design.
  • Lower energy consumption, high efficiency, high frequency >100 kHz.
  • Designed for 1000 W double-ended lamps for high pressure sodium (HPS) and metal halide (MH), not included.
  • It presents 630 W – 750 W – 945 W – 1000 W -1150 W – EXT power controller.
  • Wide voltage range for perfect operation in any installation.
  • Extra-large, open, adjustable, 5-position reflector.
  • Reflector with an optimised design and reflection greater than 95%, with 99% aluminium.

Technical Specifications

  • AC Input Power:1230 W
  • AC Input Voltage:210 V – 250 V
  • AC Input Current:4.86 A – 5.59 A
  • Maximum AC Input CurrentPower Factor:> 0.99
  • Pulse Start:5 kV
  • Input Frequency:< 10%
  • Dimensions:675 mm (Length) x 354mm (Width) x 165 mm (Height)
  • Weight:6,9 kg
  • IP Rating:IP54
  • Temperature Range:-20 ºC a 40 ºC
  • Certifications:CE, ROHS


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